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Story On Impact Participation In County Consultations For The National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) 2018-2022

Mr. Elisha Ombwayo PFR Project Officer IMPACT doing a presentation on climate change

Compiled by Elisha Ombwayo from IMPACT.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has set up a framework for implementing climate change through climate change framework Policy and Climate Change Act 2016. This act provides a framework for regulations for enhanced response to climate change and outlines out mechanisms and measures to improve resilience and promote low Corban development.

The National Climate Change is anchored in Kenya’s Climate Change Act as a 5-year Plan for integration of climate change mitigation and adaptation in policy, planning, budgeting and implementation at the national and county government levels. This Act further states that all public bodies in climate change governance and administration shall be bound by the content of the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP). The forum brought together participants from Baringo, Trukana, West Porkot, Nandi, Elgeo Markwet, Trans Nzoia and Uashin Gishu Counties who shared their experiences on the climate change interventions and priorities.

Through the office of the Director of County Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Samburu County, PFR Kenya partner-IMPACT received an invitation to attend the  County consultation forum on NCCAP which was held in Eldoret from 16th to 18th April 2018.

IMPACT and CordAid has supported the Samburu County Government in the formulation of the draft DRM Policy and participating in this forum will enrich this process through provision of a tool for a structured framework of legislation, decision making, resource allocation and monitoring and evaluation process that will streamline operations on climate change issues affecting the Counties in Kenya.

PfR was represented by Mr. Elisha Ombwayo, Project officer coordinating PFR activities in Samburu County. By participating in the forum PFR influenced the mainstreaming of the Integrated Risk Management (IRM) principles in the NCCAP (priority actions), shared PFR interventions and successes in Laikipia and Samburu County on the dialogue and dissent agendas.

From the 3 days discussions the participants ranked PFR/IMPACT’s and Samburu County presentation as one of the best in regards to the progress in adapation. Actions and Feedback generated from the discussions were used to identify priority actions which informed the next steps in addressing cross cutting hazards such as Drought, Floods, Famine, Diseases, and Conflicts in the County integrated development plans 2017-2022.

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