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Inclusion of DRM as a sector in kenya’s medium term plan 3

Kenya is finally making strides in Disaster Risk Management by recognizing it as a key sector to be included in its Medium Term Plans (MTP) Three under the Vision 2030. This is a first, as it was not included in the previous Medium Term Plans 1 and 2.


One of the main challenges blocking its inclusion in the past has been mainly due to lack of a national Disaster Risk Mangement (DRM) Policy and bill, and also lack of one coordination body that is in charge of DRM. There are currently several government entities that manage DRM including NDOC, NDMU, and NDMA.


In Kenya, there is a national Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction that consists of DRM Desk officers representing government ministries, UN agencies, NGOs, the private sector, and academia. The Kenya Red Cross, in collaboration with the Partners for Resilience, has been a key member in the platform, where members participate in planning and coordinating activities that contribute to the Sendai framework for DRM.  An opportunity presented itself during the development phase of MTP 3 where members of the platform felt there was the need to include DRM either as a thematic group or a sector.


Inclusion of DRM


In collaboration with the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and the National Disaster Operation Centre, a meeting was organized to bring stakeholders on board to discuss the MTP3 Planning process and how DRM could best be included. It was agreed by members there was the need to have DRM as a sector, as it would enable allocation of resources for flagship projects.


Kenya Red Cross participated in the development of the concept note for DRM ensuring initiatives such as risk mapping and VCA were central. The disaster risk reduction platforms later held a two-day meeting where the concept note and budget were finalized. This was then shared with the ministry of devolution and planning who have then approved its inclusion in the medium term plans. One of the enabling factors was having the Ministry of devolution and planning as a partner in the disaster risk reduction platform


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