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Laikipia County is right in the upstream of where the water that feeds into Ewaso-Ngiro River comes from. Ewaso-Ngiro Rivers serves a population of 3.6 million people from the 8 Counties in Northern Kenya. Laikipia County water conference 2018 was organized to discuss water management and utilization strategies in the County. The forum invited interested stakeholders to share their best practices in WASH sector and also share their strategies on how best to equally share the scarce resource.

IMPACT supported the water resource users associations in the County to come up a memorandum highlighting water issues and recommendations which was to be presented during the conference. The memorandum was presented to H.E. the governor brought on board areas of focus for the county on water resource management such as the technological, innovation, financial and water governance aspects.

IMPACT was also awarded a letter of acknowledgment and recognition for the supporting the entire process by H.E the Governor, Laikipia County (See Annex )

Figure 5 water sector stakeholders, experts and researchers taking part during the proceeding in the water conference.

Figure 6 Above Joseph Olendira from IMPACT presenting the memorandum on behalf of the community to the Hon Speaker and H.E. the Governor, Laikipia County


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