Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS)

The KRCS is a humanitarian relief organization and an auxiliary to the national and county government of Kenya created through an act of parliament, Cap 256 of the laws of Kenya on 21st December 1965. Since 1967, the Society has been a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the largest humanitarian relief organization in the world, with representation in 189 countries. The KRC operates through a network of 68 Branches spread throughout the country and 8 Regional offices with a base of over 100,000 registered members and volunteers and 600 staff that assist in implementing activities at Headquarters and Branch levels.

Kenya Red Cross society works in close collaboration with various stakeholders ranging from Government, private sector and civil society organizations including Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and individual communities. Many projects are multi-Sectoral, reflecting approaches that are holistic and that take into account the considerable complexity of many of poverty, disaster and climate challenges faced by vulnerable communities in Kenya.

The KRCS seeks to contribute to community safety and resilience to disasters and ensure the strengthened capacity of communities to cope with the impacts of disasters. Kenya has often been affected by disasters such as floods, droughts and disease outbreaks, which have often revealed pre-existing social insecurities and vulnerabilities among communities. KRCS has strengthened its programming to incorporate Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation by engaging communities in increasing awareness on risks and helping them take climate-sensitive activities to reduce their vulnerability and increasing capacities prior to disasters. This further bolsters the communities undertaking of key roles in the decision-making process to ensure their involvement in building resilience.

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